5 Hot Office Interior Design Trends

When it comes to designing a workplace, it is important to keep style, function and form in mind to best suit the well-being of your staff, the productivity of your workforce, and the flow of your business.

Office Décor Looks that are Gaining Popularity in 2019

With the right implementation, these 5 hot office interior design trends are guaranteed to make your workplace more efficient and employee-friendly.

1. Biophilic Beauty

Biophilia refers to the love of life or living systems and is used in interior design to describe spaces that are heavily decorated with greenery and elements of nature. Biophilic design is proven to help employees feel calm, creative and happier in the workplace.

Whether we create living walls, decorate spaces with terrariums or focus on beautifully-landscaped gardens, we are encouraging growth and energy both physically and figuratively.

2. Less Open Plan, More Productivity

Whilst open plan offices have been all the rage in recent years to encourage collaboration and social interaction, recent research has brought some changes to light. It is more important now to focus on design that encourages autonomous and peaceful work, as staff find themselves more productive in private spaces.

Office design will ideally be utilised to minimise noise throughout workspaces, offering the inhabitants a more peaceful and productive work environment. Glass partitions can help to reduce noise levels without impeding on light, whilst furniture with thicker fabrics are shown to absorb more sound. Strategically-placed acoustic elements can dampen and absorb sound to improve the overall sound quality within the space.

3. Homestyle Characteristics

A huge trend in office interior design right now is bringing home-style characteristics into the workplace to encourage belonging and a comfortable workspace. The tiniest personal touches can make all the difference to an employee’s sense of well-being, and improve their working experience and, ultimately, their output as well. Try to provide small pause areas for staff to take a quick break and use a combination of interesting light fittings, wallpapers, accessories and plants to create character and appeal.

4. Privacy-Friendly Design

We mentioned already that open plan is out for the sake of peace and quiet, but did you know that three quarters of employees would prefer a private workspace as opposed to a shared desk? By installing a few more stylish partitions and allowing your staff more privacy by way of your office interior design, you safeguard their mental well-being and sense of ownership in the workplace.

5. Leaving It to the Professionals

Office interior design isn’t for the fainthearted anymore. It is extremely beneficial to enlist the services of an experienced professional who can translate your vision and values into a workspace that is as fabulous as it is functional. Create a custom workspace solution today with the help of On The Inside. Contact us to chat about your favourite office interior design trend and how we can bring it to life in your office, today.