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5 Questions You Must Ask Your Interior Design Consultant

Choosing the right interior designer is an important decision and integral factor when undertaking to renovate your interior space. You want to make sure that your interior designer is the right fit for you and the creative direction you want your business or home to go in. An interior designer can add great value to your project through their specific set of expertise. They are able to optimise your use of space and elevate the potential of your interior. Through careful design decisions and industry contacts they are also able to maintain budgets and avoid costly mistakes. Read on to discover the 5 questions you should ask an interior designer before you hire them.

What to Ask Your Interior Design Consultant

To make the process easier, here are 5 questions to ask your interior design consultant that will help you decide whether they are suited to you and your needs;

1. Do You Have Testimonials & Accreditations?

The first question you need to ask your interior designer is to see their testimonials and portfolio of work; do this BEFORE you hire them! It is important to ensure that they are legitimate and that the work they have previously done satisfies you and gives you a feeling of peace. If you are happy with what you see, you know that your potential interior designer is capable of bringing your vision to life. If they have any accreditations and are associated with governing bodies such as the IID (African Institute of Interior Design Professionals) and the Master Builders Association, then you have further assurance that your designer is regulated and you can expect high standards of quality.

2. What is the Timeline Looking Like?

If you are working on a strict deadline, it is crucial that your interior designer is aware of this and knows the exact date that the work needs to be complete by. Ask them for a programme so that you are able to track progress with the works. If there is a deadline to meet make sure that your interior designer understands the urgency and importance of the renovations in order to ensure that there is minimal downtime or disruption to the flow of your business.

3. What are the Services You Offer?

When deciding on whether to hire an interior designer, ensure that you ask what services they are able to offer. You want to hire a designer that has the capacity to meet all of your needs. Depending on your project requirements you may need a design and specification service only or you may need a full turnkey service including construction and project management. It is often more time-efficient and cost effective to employ a designer who is able to assist you with a turnkey service than to try and simultaneously manage several aspects of the project through multiple providers.

4. How do You Like to Communicate?

Once you have established the services your chosen designer offers, it is important to ask how they are able to communicate their vision to you. Concept ideas are most often presented in the form of mood boards and computer rendered 3D drawings while the finer details and specifications for construction purposes are communicated through clear detailed technical drawings and documentation.

5. How Do You Charge?

This question is probably the most important of them all; how does your interior designer charge? Depending on the scope and scale of the project, you may be quoted an hourly rate, a fixed fee or a percentage of the project budget. Always ensure that all parties are in agreement with the terms of payment before any work commences and that any changes to the original scope are quoted and approved before they are actioned.

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